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The documentation of nearly every aspect of the German military across the span of 26 years and 3 distinct eras is a daunting and difficult task.

Feldgrau is able to move ever closer to this goal partially through the submission of articles and unit histories from the many researchers and authors that frequent this site.

This section is provided as a way of saying thanks to the many people that have contributed articles, to showcase their excellent works, and to encourage others to submit original articles and unit histories for publication directly on Feldgrau.com!

Some benefits that come with submitting an article for use on Feldgrau include an audience of thousands every day, critical and valuable feedback from interested readers, increased name recognition in a popular field of research, and helping to complete the information contained within this site!

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AuthorArticle or Unit History
Anders, Wladyslaw
Clemens, Fredrick
Craciun, Erich
Fogt, Roland
Folsom, Russ
Holm, Michael
Hubbard, Brad
Ilo, Juha
Jervas, Björn
Milcic, Allen
Mouritzsen, Dan
Munoz, Antonio
Nieme, Jarto
Pipes, Jason
Rikmenspoel, Marc
Schenkel, Martin
Scott, Jeff