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Feldgrau serves as a resource for primary and secondary research on the technical, organizational and operational details of German units and formations from 1918 to 1945. does not support individuals or groups that are intolerant, racist, anti-Semitic, or violent. We do not tolerate apologists or those who attempt to whitewash German history. Feldgrau also does not support those that use the theme of WWII history to further a political agenda.

Feldgrau should in no way be viewed as an attempt to glorify the tragic events WWII.

Feldgrau acknowledges that German units and formations were partly or entirely responsible for various war crimes and atrocities during the time of WWII. We do not focus on these tragic events as they are beyond the scope of our specialist research. This is in no way an attempt to minimize or lessen the importance of German war crimes and atrocities but to maintain the narrow focus of our information. There are many excellent resources that can be used to research war crimes and atrocities and we encourage those interested in the subject to pursue them.

Through extensive research, Feldgrau hopes to present an impartial, neutral and objective approach to the military history of the German units, formations, and organizations of the WWII era. Only through such research can one ever hope to understand the plight of so many millions of people during the Second World War.

This site is respectfully dedicated to all those who suffered and died during the most tragic war in human history, on all sides. Let not the sacrifices of those Germans both living and dead be forgotten. Let us also never accept the condition of those deaths as tolerable. Let us never forget that so many people on all sides died for such an unthinkable cause.

WW2 German Unknown Soldier Memorial