Grenadier-Regiment 980


Grenadier-Regiment 980 began as Inf.Rgt.348 of the 216.Inf.Div.,and sometime in 1942 the designation changed to Grenadier-Regiment 348. OnDecember 16th, 1943 the division was rebuilt as the 272.Inf.Div. and Grenadier-Regiment 348became Grenadier-Regiment 980. When the 272.Inf.Div was again rebuilt, this time as the 272.Volks.Gren,.Div.,Grenadier-Regiment 980 retained its designation and ended WWII as such.


The 216.Inf.Div and 272.Inf.Div were known as Niedersächsische InfanterieDivisions. Originally all recruiting was done from this area of Germany giving these unitsa purely Niedersachsen flavor, as indicated by the unit symbol of this Regiments parent units.


  • Western Campaign 1940
  • Eastern Front 1941-1943
  • Western Front 1944-1945


After surviving the campaign in Russia for 3 years, the newly-formedGrenadier-Regiment 980 spent the first half of 1944 doing relatively quietoccupation duty on the Spanish-French border. Immediately following theNormandy Invasion, the unit was packed up and shipped via train to the front.Constant Allied air-attacks killed and wounded many of the Regiments horses aswell as personnel and anti-tank equipment. GR980 arrived on the front July 13th,1944, and went immediately into battle. They fought alongside units such asthe 1.SS, 2.SS, and to a greatdegree 12.SS-HJ. GR980 was often praised fortheir action in battle although they were not seen as an elite unit. After havingparticipated in heavy action around Caen GR980 was eventually caught in theFalaise Pocket. Those who survived escaped to the north under continualharassment from the French resistance. GR980 later fought in the Hürtgen forest,specifically around Schmidt, Kesternich, and the Kall trail. When pushed backto the Remagen bridgehead, they were assigned to defend a town Hitler haddesignated a “fortress”. The unit came into American control when WWII ended in May of1945.


1.Kompanie (light infantry)
2.Kompanie (light infantry)
3.Kompanie (light infantry)
4.Kompanie (light infantry)
5.Kompanie (light infantry)
6.Kompanie (light infantry)
7.Kompanie (light infantry)
14.Kompanie (Panzerzerstörer)


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