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Feldgrau is dedicated to the research of German armed forces during the periods of both world wars. The site was originally started by Jason Pipes in 1996 and continues to grow since its humble beginnings. We hope to serve as the primary historical library of German military units and soldiers from 1918 through 1945.

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Our homepage has several historical photos to include our banner, which is a photo of soldiers marching within GroßdeutschlandKaserne (now Campbell Barracks) in Heidelberg, Germany.

German Soldiers Marching Großdeutschland-Kaserne - Heidelberg, Germany
110th Infantry Regiment Soldiers Marching (GroßdeutschlandKaserne) – Heidelberg, Germany
German Officers Standing Großdeutschland–Kaserne - Heidelberg, Germany
German Officers Standing (GroßdeutschlandKaserne) – Heidelberg, Germany