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  • German Armed Forces forums - Take Part in Discussion
    Read and post messages regarding the German Armed Forces in a series of different forums.
  • Reichswehr - The German Armed Forces 1918-1935
    The units, formations, and organizations of the transitional Weimar-era German Army and Navy.
  • Heer - The Nazi German Army 1935-1945
    The units, formations and organizations of the German Army, from the largest Army Groups to the smallest independent Battalions.
  • Luftwaffe - The Nazi German Air force 1935-1945
    The units, formations and organization of the German Air force, including both air and ground units, from the largest Air Wings and Corps, to the smallest Flight Groups and independent Battalions.
  • Kriegsmarine - The Nazi German Navy 1935-1945
    The units, formations and organization of the German Navy, including all ships and naval ground units, from the largest Battleships and Divisions, to the smallest vessels and independent Battalions.
  • Waffen-SS - The Nazi German Armed SS 1933-1945
    The units, formations and organizations of the Armed SS, from the largest Army to the smallest independent Battalions.
  • Wehrmachtsgefolge - Auxiliary Organizations
    The history of the Armed Forces Auxiliary organizations that assisted or aided the German military during and prior to WWII.
  • Freiwillige - Foreign Volunteers
    The history of the extensive foreign volunteer formations that served within the German Armed Forces during WWII.
  • Alliierte - Axis Powers
    The history of the European Axis Powers that fought alongside Germany during WWII.
  • Kollaboration - Axis Collaboration
    The history of the collaborationist formations that assited the German Armed Forces during WWII.
  • Feldzüge - Campaigns
    The history of Wehrmacht campaigns both during and before WWII, from the earliest invasions of Austria and Czechoslovakia, all the way to the last battles in Germany in 1945.
  • Auszeichnungen - Medals and Awards
    German military-related awards and medals of the WWII era, including awards for combat performance, military service and auxiliary and civilian assistance.

Welcome to Feldgrau.com

Welcome to Feldgrau.com, a non political German military history research site - online since February of 1996.

The focus of Feldgrau is on primary and secondary research regarding the technical, organizational and operational details of the German armed forces between 1918 and 1945. Feldgrau contains over 10,000 pages of information and is growing larger every day. Although Feldgrau contains volumes of research material we do not attempt to provide specifics on every aspect of the period. Coverage of war crimes, atrocities, the Holocaust, and politics is limited or not present. This is not an ommission of error, it is an omission of focus. Feldgrau's main emphasis is on the operational histories of the units and military organizations that made up the German army, navy, airforce and all associated auxiliary formations, both during the Weimar period and the NSDAP era. Feldgrau is a massive work in progress; our motto is "information kept secret is lost". There are many sections here that aren't yet complete but we strive to add new information all the time

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