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WW2 German Medals and Awards Guide

Germany produced an extensive array of medals, badges, awards, and decorations between 1935 and 1945. In fact, the history of German awards and medals is very extensive, with hundreds of colorful awards being awarded since the early 1800s. Early in Germany’s history, before the individual German States were unified in 1872, and even after that […]

Glossary of German Military Terms

This glossary contains hundreds of German terms related to the armed forces of Germany during the WWII era. This glossary has been compiled from numerous s…

Table of Comparative Ranks for the Wehrmacht/Waffen-SS

Heer Rank Luftwaffe Rank Kriegsmarine Rank Waffen-SS Rank Detailed Grenadier Flieger Matrose SS-Schütze Obergrenadier SS-Oberschütze Gefreiter Obergefreiter Stabsgefreiter Gefreiter Obergefreiter Hauptgefreiter Stabsgefreiter Matrosengefreiter Matrosenobergefreiter Matrosenhauptgefreiter Matrosenstabsgefreiter ss-Sturmmann ss-Rottenführer Unteroffizier Unteroffizier Maat SS-Unterscharführer Unterfeldwebel Unterfeldwebel Obermaat SS-Scharführer Fähnrich Fähnrich zur See Feldwebel Feldwebel Feldwebel SS-Oberscharführer Oberfeldwebel Hauptfeldwebel Oberfeldwebel Stabsfeldwebel Oberfeldwebel ss-Hauptscharführer ss-Stabsscharführer Oberfähnrich Oberfähnrich zur See […]

Kriegsmarine War Badge for Naval Artillery

Date Instituted: June 24th, 1941 Awarded To: Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine land-based Naval Artillery andAnti-Aircraft Units. Required Qualifications: Individually: Show outstanding leadership skills, or Display a single act of heroism or merit for which no otheraward was given, or Individual was killed in action as a result of duty As a crew: Achieve […]

Panzerschiffe Admiral Graf Spee

History 01 Oct 32: Laid down as Panzerschiffe C, although it was initially known as Ersatz Braunschweig. 30 June 34: Launched. 01 Jan 36: Commissioned into the Kriegsmarine at Wilhelmshaven as Panzerschiffe Admiral Graf Spee. Jan – May 36: Testing, training, and shooting trials. 09 May 36: Joined the rest of the German fleet and […]

Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruiser Badge

Date Instituted: April 24th, 1941 Awarded To: Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine for service on Auxiliary Cruisers orthe supply ships that supported them. Required Qualifications: Individual made a long-distance voyage, or Individual was wounded on a voyage, or For outstanding leadership on a voyage First Awarded: Currently unknown Number Awarded: Currently unknown, although it […]

Abzeichen Für Blockadebrecher / Kriegsmarine Badge for Blockade Runners

Date Instituted: April 1st, 1941 Awarded To: Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine or Handlesmarine for service onwarships or merchant vessels that attempted to breakthrough the Britishsea blockade of Germany. Required Qualifications: Distinction and good conduct, and Run a blockade and dock in a German port, or Service on a ship lost to enemy action, […]

Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge

Date Instituted April 30th, 1941 Awarded To: Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine for service on ships of the High SeasFleet – mainly the Battleships and Cruisers, but also those ships that supportedthem operationally for which there was no other award given. Required Qualifications: Proof of distinction and good conduct, and Active duty on 1 […]

Lazarettschiffe of the Kriegsmarine

The Kriegsmarine vessels used in the role of marked, unarmed hospital ships fellinto one of the following categories: Grosse Lazarettschiffe (Large Hospital Ships) Kleine Lazarettschiffe, mobilization (4 ships) (Small Hospital Ships) Kleine Lazarettschiffe, Operation Seelowe (13) (Small Hospital Ships) Kleine Lazarettschiffe, capable of disinfection (2) (Small Hospital Ships) Kleine Lazarettschiffe, completed during the war (6) […]

Light Cruisers

Emden Class Leicht Kreuzer Emden Konigsburg Class Leicht Kreuzer Konigsberg Leicht Kreuzer Karlsruhe Leicht Kreuzer Koln Leipzig Class Leicht Kreuzer Leipzig Leicht Kreuzer Nurnberg Never started/completed/launched M, N, O, P, Q, R, KH1, KH2