Abzeichen Für Blockadebrecher / Kriegsmarine Badge for Blockade Runners

Date Instituted:

April 1st, 1941

Awarded To:

Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine or Handlesmarine for service onwarships or merchant vessels that attempted to breakthrough the Britishsea blockade of Germany.

Required Qualifications:

  • Distinction and good conduct, and
  • Run a blockade and dock in a German port, or
  • Service on a ship lost to enemy action, or
  • To be wounded during an action at sea, or
  • Scuttle a ship to avoid its capture, or
  • For sinking an enemy ship in action, or
  • Otherwise prevent the taking a German ship.

First Awarded:

July 1st, 1941

Number Awarded:

Currently unknown.


This badge was awarded exclusively in one version, the version shown, althougha smaller half-size version was awarded for use by civilians and members of themerchant marine.

Method of Wear:

Worn on the lower part of the left brest, under the Iron Cross Ist Class if issued. Civilians and merchantmen wore a half-size lapel version.


This award could be presented to individuals on ships allied to Germanyfollowing the above guidelines as well.
Kriegsmarine Badge for Blockade Runners
Kriegsmarine Badge for Blockade Runners