Kriegsmarine Ground Units Order of Battle

Troop TypesTroop Types
KommandobehördenHigh Command
Marine-Infanterie TruppenNaval Infantry Troops
Marine-Schnelle TruppenNaval Mobile Troops
  • Panzer-Jagd-Bataillon Cremer
  • Formed 3.45 from parts of Wach-Bataillon Dönitz, to protect the Naval High Command.
  • Panzer-Jagd-Bataillon von Hartmann
  • Formed 4.45. No details.
Marine-Artillerie TruppenNaval Artillery Troops
Marine-Flak-BrigadenNaval Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigades
  • I. Marine-Flak-Brigade
  • II. Marine-Flak-Brigade
  • III. Marine-Flak-Brigade
    • Formed 4.43 in Brest from 24. Marine-Flak-Regiment.
    • Subordinated to Seekdt. Bretagne.
  • IV. Marine-Flak-Brigade
    • Formed 4.43 in Lorient from 20. Marine-Flak-Regiment.
    • Subordinated to Seekdt. Bretagne.
  • V. Marine-Flak-Brigade
    • Formed 4.43 in St. Nazaire from 22. Marine-Flak-Regiment.
    • Subordinated to Seekdt. Loire.
  • See Marine-Flak-Regiment for more details.

    Marine-Bordflak-Brigade NordNaval Onboard Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade “North”
    Marine-Artillerie-RegimenterNaval Artillery Regiments
    Marine-Flak-RegimenterNaval Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiments
    Marine-Artillerie-AbteilungenNaval Artillery Battalions
    leicht Marine-Artillerie-Abteilungenlight Naval Artillery Battalions
    Ersatz-Marine-Artillerie-AbteilungenNaval Artillery Replacement Battalions
    Marine-Flak-AbteilungenNaval Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalions
    Marine-Bordflak-AbteilungenNaval Onboard Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalions
    leicht Flak-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 22nd light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Battalion
    • Formed 12.42 on Wangerooge.
    • Disbanded 11.44.
    • Subordinated to the Artillerie-Inspektion.
    Marine-Nebel-AbteilungenNaval Smoke Battalions

    See also, German coastal defence in Norway during WW II

    Marine-Pioniere TruppenNaval Engineer Troops
    Marine-Nachrichten TruppenNaval Signal Troops
    Marine-Kraftfahr TruppenNaval Transport Troops
    Marine-Sicherungs TruppenNaval Security Troops
    Ersatz u. Ausbildungs TruppenReplacment & Training Units