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Panzergruppe Afrika


  • Panzergruppe Afrika


  • North Africa 1941-1942


WW2 German Africa Panzer Group Formed from parts of the Deutsches Afrikakorps on September 1st, 1941.

After formation, Panzergruppe-Afrika took part in the following operations: Sep 1941, reconnaissance in force towards the Egyptian border, Nov 1941, fighting in Marmarica, Dec 1941, withdrawal to Cyrenaica, Jan 1942, defence of Adegabia, withdrawal to positions around Marada-Marsa and Brega, and counterattack and recapture of Cyrenaica.

Renamed as the Panzer-Armee Afrika on January 30th, 1942.

Major Units

1941 Sep DAK, XXI (Italian) Reserves - 15 Pz
OctDAK, XXI (Italian)
Dec DAK, X (Italian), XXI (Italian), Marmarica (Italian Motorised Corps), Reserves - 90 (Africa Light), 55 Savona (Italian)
1942Jan DAK, X, XXI (Italian), Marmarica (Italian Motorised Corps) Reserves - 90 (Africa Light), 55 Savona (Italian)


Gen.Feldm. Erwin Rommel 9.01.42 - 1.30.42