Panzer-Armee Afrika


  • Panzergruppe Afrika
  • Panzer-Armee Afrika


  • North Africa 1942


WW2 German Panzer-Armee Afrika logoFormed from Panzergruppe Afrika on January 30th,1942.

After formation, Panzergruppe Afrika took part in the following operations:Feb 1942, reconquest of Cyrenaica, Feb-Mar 1942, defence of the southerndesert of Cyrenaica, May-Jun 1942, fighting on the Gazala defences, Jun 1942,capture of Fortress Tobruk, pursuit to the Egyptian Frontier, capture ofMursa Matruh defences, and Jul 1942, Battle of the Alamein Line.

Formed into the Deutsch-Italienischen Panzer-Armee on October 1st, 1942.

Major Units

1942 Feb DAK, X (Italian), XXI (Italian), Mot (Italian)Reserves – 90 Lt
Mar DAK, X (Italian), XXI (Italian), Mot (Italian)
Apr DAK, X (Italian), XX (Italian), XXI (Italian),Reserves – 90 Lt
May DAK, X (Italian), XX (Italian), XXI (Italian),Reserves – 25 (Italian), 60 (Italian)
Jun DAK, X (Italian), XX (Italian), XXI (Italian)
Jul DAK, X (Italian), XX (Italian), XXI (Italian),Reserves – Littorio, 132 Pz Ariete (Italian)
Aug DAK, X (Italian), XX (Italian), XXI (Italian),Reserves – 90, Littorio (Italian), PzD 132 Ariete (Italian)
Sep DAK, X (Italian), XX (Italian), XXI (Italian)


Gen.Feldm. Erwin Rommel 1.30.42 – 9.20.42
Gen.d.Pz.Tr. Georg Stumme 9.20.42 – 10.01.42