Lazarettschiffe Pretoria

The Pretoria Passenger Liner Photo
The Pretoria pre-1939 as a Passenger Liner

July 16, 1936 Launched.

Dec 4, 1936 Completed.

Dec 19, 1936 Maiden voyage Hamburg-Cape Town, South Africa.

Nov 29, 1939 The Pretoria was commissioned into Kriegsmarineservice as an accommodation ship for Unterseebootsabnahmekommando(U.A.K.), in Kiel.

Jan 1,1940 Served as an accommodation ship for the21.U-boot-Flotilla in Neustadt.

Dec, 1940 Served as a garrison ship for the1.Unterseeboots-Lehr-Division in Pillau.

Feb 22, 1945 The Pretoria became a Lazarettschiff underSanitätsamt Ost.

Jan – Apr, 1945 Took part in the transport of refugees from theEastern territories.

May, 1945 Taken by Great Britian as a war prize.

Oct 1, 1945 The Pretoria was renamed as the British troop transportship Empire Doon.

1949 Empire Doon (ex-Pretoria) is renamed as the EmpireOrwell.

1958 Chartered to the Pan Islamic SS CO, Karachi.

Nov, 1958 Sold to the Blue Funnel Line, Liverpool. Refit atGlasgow, now 17,891 GRT. Became M/P Gunung Djati

1962 Sold to Indonesia.

1965 Sold again.

1966 Sold again.

Apr – Oct, 1973 Refit.

1979 Troop transport ship Tanjung Padan.

1984 Still in existence.


Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Blohm & Voss, Hamburg
Weight, metric tons20104
Weight, BRT16662
Length, meters175,76
Width, meters22,10
Depth, meters8,07
EnginesTwo B & V turbines
2 shafts, 2 boilers
Horsepower, HP14200
Speed, knots18

Range, nautical miles

11700 at 18 knots (using 3020t oil)
Patients (beds)/Medical staff2700/?
Crew (officers,men)259 total
OwnerDeutsche Ostafrika-Linie, Hamburg