Lazarettschiffe (E) Oberhaussen

Hospital Ship Oberhaussen in 1940
Hospital Ship Oberhaussen in 1940

Apr 10, 1940 Entered service with the Kriegsmarine as a hospitalship. It was listed as Lazarettschiff E, but it never actually used thatdesignation. Served with Trossschiffverband Nord (TSV-N)/FleetTrain North.

1941 Served with Sanitätsamt Ost.

June, 1943 Served with F.d.M. Ost (Commodore, Minesweepers,East).

May, 1945 Taken by Great Britian, became a part of the GM/SA(German Minesweeping Administration).

June 4, 1946 Handed over to the UssR, became the AkademikKomarov.

1960 Removed from the ship register.


Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Gutehoffnungshütte-Rheinwerft, Walsum
Weight, metric tonsabout 1450
Weight, BRT1239
Length, meters80,17
Width, meters11,51
Depth, meters2,77
EnginesTwo MWM 4-stroke 6cyl diesels,
2 shafts
Horsepower, HP1400 effective
Speed, knots13
Range, nautical miles
3360 at 13 knots (using 90t oil)
Patients (beds)/Medical staff150/?
Crew (officers,men)16 total
OwnerF. Haniel & Co., Duisburg-Ruhrort