Lazarettschiffe Glückauf

WW2 German Lazarettschiffe Glückauf Drawing
Lazarettschiffe Glückauf Drawing


Oct 9, 1913 Launched.

Dec 11, 1913 Completed as S/fe Bubendey (Hapag).

Mar 18, 1916 Taken over by the Kaiserliche Marine.

Jan 24, 1918 Entered service as Führerboot, V-FlotillaKiel

Nov 30, 1918 Bubendey is returned.

1930 The Bubendey is renamed as Glückuaf (NDL).

Sept 20, 1939 Glückauf is in Kriegsmarine service asLazarettschiff F, serving under Station N

1941 Glückauf serves under Fleet Train, East (TSV-O)

Aug 15, 1946 Decommissioned and returned.

1954 Rebuilt as M/S, now 1172 BRT.

1960 Renamed as the Kehrwieder (Hapag).

1963 Became the Italian Isola Del Sole.

1966 Became the Anna Maria Lauro.

June 3, 1986 Scrapped in Naples.


Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Stettiner Oderwerke, Stettin
Weight, metric tons1037
Weight, BRT981
Length, meters68,05
Width, meters12,22
Depth, meters2,90
EnginesTwo 3cyl triple acting expansion engines,
2 shafts, 2 boilers
Horsepower, HP1300 induced
Speed, knots12,5
Range, nautical miles
1728 at 12 knots (using 145t coal)
Patients (beds)/Medical staff?/?
Crew (officers,men)20 total
OwnerNorddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen