Lazarettschiffe Aquileja

WW2 Italian Hospital Ship Aquileja Photo
The Italian Hosptial Ship Aquileja in German hands in 1943
Jan, 1914 Launched.

1914 – 1935 (??) In Dutch service as the passenger ship Prins derNederlanden.

June 25, 1935 Taken over by the Italians, renamed as theAquileja.

May 24, 1940 In Italian service as the Hospital Ship Aquileja.

1940 – 1943 The Aquileja saw service in the Mediterranian Sea,especially in North African waters, serving the wounded and sick Germanand Italian troops stationed there.

Sept, 1943 After the Italian capitualtion, the Aquileja was takenover by the Germans.

Oct 6, 1943 In the service of the Kriegsmarine as a HospitalShip.

Dec 15, 1943 Sunk and grounded.

Feb 16, 1944 Decommissioned.

June 26, 1944 Sunk as a block ship, broken up.


Construction Yard
(Yard No.)
Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw Mij., Amsterdam
Weight, BRT9448
Length, meters151,79
Width, meters17,43
Depth, meters??
EnginesTwo 4cyl expansion motor,
2 shaft, 6 boilers
Horsepower, HP6600 induced
Speed, knots14,5
Range, nautical miles
?? at 14 knots using 1466t coal
Patients (beds)/Medical staff860/200
OwnerLloyd Triestino, Triest