Destoyer Z8 Bruno Heinemann


14 Jan 36: Laid down

15 Sep 36: Launched

08 Jan 38: Commissioned.

01 Sep 39: Attached to the Reconnaissance Force in Polish waters at thebeginning of the war.

02 Sep 39: Transferred to the North Sea with the Reconnaissance Force

03 Sep 39: With 2nd DD FLOT began laying the West Wall mine barrage inthe North Sea (Z6, Z7, Z8, Z1) 1st and 4th DD FLOTs and 5th DD DIV areinvolved, 16xDD total.

30 Sep 39: Ordered into Baltic for training and working up. With Z5 shewas attacked by RAF Hampdens SE of Heligoland, but successfully foughtoff the bombers with effective flak.

01 Oct 39: Entered the Baltic with Z5 and then Z3. Began exercises.However, these must be broken off early to escort prizes into port.

13-15 Nov 39: Conducted mercantile warfare in the Skagerrak with Z14,Z15 and Z16.

24-25 Nov 39: Conducted mercantile warfare in the Skagerrak with Lutzow,Koln, Leipzig, Z11, Z14, Z15, Z20, and the TBs Leopard, Seeadler, Iltisand Wolf.

12-13 Dec 39: Conducted an offensive mining operation off Newcastle withZ4, Z14, Z15, and Z19. Z8 carried 60 mines on this operation. Elevenmerchant ships of 18,979 tons were sunk. This was the operation thatresulted in the torpedoing of Leipzig and Nurnberg. Returning from thismission, Z8 suffered a serious fire in #2 turbine room.

10-11 Jan 40: Conducted offensive mining operation off Cromer with Z9and Z13. This field sank three ships of 11,153 tons.

09-10 Feb 40: Repeated offensive mining operation off Cromer Knoll withZ9 and Z13. This field sank three ships of 11,855 tons.

06 Apr 40: Departed Cuxhaven with Hipper, Z5 Z6, and Z16, as part ofGroup 2 assigned to the occupation of Trondheim.

07 Apr 40: Group 2 met Group 1 (Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and 10xDD) andproceeded north in their company. An attack by 12 Blenheims wasrepelled without loss.

09 Apr 40: Z8 landed her embarked troops at Trondheim.

14-16 Apr 40: Returned to Germany with Z16, beating off an RAF attack enroute.

29-30 Apr 40: Escorted 4xML with Z4, TBs Mowe, Leopard, Wolf and Kondoras they laid a mine barrage north of the Great Fisherman’s Bank.Leopard was rammed and sunk during this mission by the ML Preussen.

09/10 May 40: Escorted 4xML with Z4, Z7 and the torpedo boat Grief inlaying a barrage off the Great Fisherman’s Bank. British unitsattempted to intercept, but German S-Boats intervened and badly damagedthe RN destroyer Kelly.

May 40: Entered dock for refit.

Nov 40: Began working up after refit, but still suffered numerousmachinery problems.

05 Apr 41: Deployed from Kiel to Brest with Z14 and Z15.

07 Apr 41: Attacked by RAF, aircraft off Brittany, but avoided twotorpedoes launched at her, one passing ahead, the other astern.

22 Apr 41: Departed La Pallice, Bay of Biscay, with Z14 and Z15 to escortthe raider Thor to Cherbourg. After the successful completion of thismission, the three destroyers returned to Bordeaux.

17-20 May 41: Escorted the supply ship Nordland from the Bay of Biscayto Le Havre with Z14 and Z15.

Early Jun 40: Met Prinz Eugen with Z14 and Z15 and escorted her from theBay of Biscay to Brest. During the return to La Pallice, Z8 and Z14depth charged a suspected submarine.

From Jul 41: Based at Brest with Z14, Z15, Z23 and Z24 as part of theescort for Scharnhorst.

06 Sep 41: Departed La Pallice for Germany and a scheduled refit. Thepassage was made without incidence and she entered dock at NorddeutscheLloyd yard in Wesermunde.

14-17 Jan 42: Escorted Tirpitz from Wilhelmshaven to Trondheim with Z4,Z5 and Z29.

18 Jan 42: Returned to German waters with Z4, Z5 and Z29.

24 Jan 42: Departed Kiel with 5th DD FLOT (Z4, Z5, Z7 and Z8) forFrance. Heavy seas damaged Z5’s bow forcing the flotilla to stop atRotterdam.

25 Jan 42: Z8 struck two mines in the Dover Narrows; 93 men were lost.