Destroyer Z3 Max Schultz


Jan 2, 1935: Laid down at Deutscher Werke, Kiel.

Nov 30, 1935: Launched.

Apr 8, 1937: Completed.

Aug 28, 1939: Collided with and sank TB Tiger.

Sep – Oct 1, 1939: Under repair at Stettin.

Oct 2, 1939: Escorted captured prizes into Swinemunde.

Oct 6, 1939: Arrived in North Sea in company with Gneisenau, Z4 and Z11.

Oct 8-10, 1939: Escorts Gneisenau and Koln in offensive sweep off theNorwegian Coast (with 8xDD)

Oct 28. 1939: Suffers blockage in the main feed pump to #1 boiler whilereturning from offensiveoperation in the Skaggerak. Seawater in the turbine explodes and Z3loses headway. She finally manages to get up enough steam to creep intoWilhelmshaven after attempts to tow her fail.

Nov – Dec, 1939: Under repair in Kiel.

Jan 23, 1940: To Wilhelmshaven.

Feb 9, 1940: With Z4 and Z16 lays 110 mines in the Shipwash area.

Feb 22, 1940: 1st DD FLOT conducts Operation Wikinger – to destroy Britishfishing vessels in the North Sea. The force is attacked in error byGerman He 111s in the Heligoland Bight, While taking evasive action, Z3runs into a newly laid British minefield. Her entire complement of 308men are lost. Rescue efforts are confused and called off early bysubmarine scares.


Length, oa, wl: 119.3/116.3m
Beam/draught: 11.3/4 m
Machinery: 2 shafts, geared turbines, 6 boilers 70,000shp, 38.2 knots
Main Battery: 5x127mm/45 C34 (5×1) (120rpg)
Anti Air Battery: 4x37mm/83 C30 (2×2), 4x20mm C38 (4×1) (2,000 rpg)
Torpedo/Mines: 8x533mm (4×3) 60 mines.
Fuel/Endurance: 670 ton – 1,530 nm @ 19 knots.
Crew: 315