Z1 Leberecht Mass

Z1 Leberecht Mass
Z1 Leberecht Mass



July 7, 1934: Ordered.

October 10, 1934: Laid down.

August 18, 1935: Launched.

January 1, 1938: Completed.

Sept 1, 1939: Blockade and guard duties in the Eastern Baltic(Danziger Bay – Hela) with F.d.T.

Sept 3, 1939: Z1 and Z9 investigate Polish forces present at Helaand takes DD Wicher and ML Gryl under fire from 14,000 yards. The Polesreturn fire along with a shore battery of several 150mm guns. The Polishguns shoot well, forcing the Germans to increase speed to 27 knots and to take evasive action. At 0657 the shore battery hits Z1 killing 4 and wounding 4. At 0735 the Germans break off the action without achieving any results (an airstrike later in the day sinks both Polish vessels).

Sept 4, 1939: Left Pillau for Swinemünde, to undergorepairs.

Sept 9, 1939: Repairs were completed.

Sept 17, 1939: Z1 and Z2 arrived in Jade (1. ZD).

Sept 25, 1939: Escorted Z8 for trials in the GermanBight

Sept 26, 1939: Rescue duties in the German Bight

Sept 29, 1939: Replaced by Z16 (guard duties) and left for Pillau, for overhaul.

Dec 23, 1939 – Jan, 1940: Stationed in Swinemünde. Very little movement during the winter 39/40, due to severe ice conditions in the Baltic and the North Sea.

Jan 23, 1940: Arrived in Wilhelmshaven

Feb 2, 1940: Attached to 2. Zerstörer-Flotilla.

Feb 13-14, 1940: Began loading mines for a mining operation on the English east coast, together with Z5 and Z7.

Feb 15, 1940: The mining operation was canceled.

Feb 18, 1940: Operation Nordmark began (strike against British shipping from Norway across the North Sea) with the vessels: Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, AdmiralHipper, Z20, and Z21. Another formation: Z1, Z4, Z16, Z6, Z13, and Z3 followed, but would be detached the next day. All vessels left Wilhelmshaven on this day.

Feb 19, 1940: The Z1 group left the main formation for merchant warfare in Skagerak.

Feb 20, 1940: The Z1 group arrived back inWilhelmshaven.

Feb 22, 1940: Operation Wikinger began (capture/destruction of British fishing vessels in the North Sea). Z1, Z4, Z16, Z6, Z13 and Z3 left Wilhelmshaven. Z1 was sunk northwest of Borkum, at 19.58hr, in the Heligoland Bight. Z1 was attacked in error and hit three times by He 111s of 4/KG26. While taking evasive action, she ran into a newly laid Britishminefield and was sunk. 282 crew drown and only 60 were rescued.



K. Kapt. F. Schmidt 14.1.37 – 29.9.37
F. Kapt. G. Wagner 5.10.37 – 4.4.39
K. Kapt. F. Bassenge 5.4.39 – 22.2.40




BuilderDeutsche Werke, Kiel
Yard No.242


Displacement (metric tons)2232 standard
3156 deep load
Dimensions, meters116,30 wl, 119.30 oa x 11,30 x 4,00
Machinery2-shaft Wagner geared turbines,
6 Wagner boilers, 70000shp = 38,2 kts
Range, miles1900 at 19 knots
Oil fuel, tons770
ArmamentFive 127mm/45 C34 (5×1) (600)
Four 37mm/83 C30 (8000)
Six 20mm C30 (12000)
Eight 533mm TT (2×4) (16)
Four DC throwers
60 mines
Crew (officers/men)10/335