Formed on 1 Feb 42 with three Kp. for LssAH. Renamed I./ss-Pz.Rgt.1 in Oct42.


Formed on 15 Feb 42 with two light and one med Kp. for SS-Div. Das Reich.Renamed SS-Pz.Abt.5 on 18 Apr 42. On 20 Apr 42 a new SS-Pz.Abt.2 wasformed with two light and one med Kp. On 2 Oct 42 it was renamedI./ss-Pz.Rgt.2.


Formed on 1 Jun 42 with two light and one med Kp. for SS-Totenkopf Div.Renamed I./ss-Pz.Rgt.3 in Oct 42.


Formed in May 44 with three StuG Kp. for 4.SS-Pol.Pz.Gren.Div.


Formed from the renamed SS-Pz.Abt.2 on 18 Apr 42 with three Kp. forSS-Div. Wiking. 4.Kp. was formed on 6 Nov 42. Renamed I./ss-Pz.Rgt.5 on 28Feb 43.


Formed from renamed SS-Pz.Abt.Prinz Eugen on 22 Oct 43.Renamed SS-Pz.Jg.Abt.Skanderberg on 17 Jun 44.

SS-Panzer-Abt.11 “Herman von Salza”

Formed from renamed I./ss-Pz.Rgt.11 on 1 Nov 43. Assigned to11.SS-Pz.Gren.Div. Nordland. On 30 Dec 43, the Abt. rejoined its parentdivision (without panzers) to help crew some of the Stumgeschuetze thathad been issued to SS-StuG-Abt.11.


Formed in Nov 43 with three StuG Kp. Assigned to 16.SS-Pz.Gren.Div.RF-ss.


Formed on 15 Nov 43 with med four Kp. Assigned to 17.SS-Pz.Gren.DivG.v.B.Converted to three StuG Kp. in Apr 44.


Formed from SS-StuG-Battr.6 on 15 Jan 44 (with 3 StuG Kp.) for18.SS-Pz.Gren.Div. Horst Wessel

SS-Panzer-Abt.26 (?)

This unit was listed with SS-Pz.Brig. Westfalen from the end of Mar to theend of Apr 45.

schwere Panzer-Abt.101

Formed from renamed s.Pz.Abt.Gen.Kdo.I.SS-Pz.Korps on 22 Oct 43. 1. and2.Kp were assigned to 1.SS-Pz.Div. from Oct 43 to Apr 44. Stab and 3.Kp.remained in the West during this period. The Abt. was assigned to1.SS-Pz.Div from Apr 44 to Sep 44. 1.Kp. was pulled out of the West andbegan conversion to Tiger IIs in late Jul 44. It rejoined the Abt. in theWest in Early Aug 44. On 9 Sep 44 the Abt. began to move to Sennelager tobegin converting to Tiger IIs. Renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.501 in mid Sep 44.

schwere Panzer-Abt.102

Formed from renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.Gen.Kdo.II.SS-Pz.Korps on 22 Oct 43. 2.Kp.was assigned to Pz.Div. from 22 Oct 43 to Apr 44 ass.Pz./ss-Pz.Rgt.2. 1.Kp. was assigned to 3.SS-Pz.Div. from 22 Oct43-summer 44. Stab and 3.Kp. remained in the West. The Abt. was assignedto 12.SS-Pz.Div. from Jun to Aug 44. Renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.502 in Sep 44.

schwere Panzer-Abt.103

Formed from renamed II./ss-Pz.Rgt.11 on 1 Nov 43. Employed as infantry inYugoslavia from Nov 43 unitl early Jan 44. Moved to Holland in early Jan44 and began to train as a s.Pz.Abt. Recieved first Tiger Is in Feb 44.One Kp. was assigned to SS-Pz.Brig. Gross from 15 Aug to Oct 44. Renameds.SS-Pz.Abt.503 in Sep 44.


Formed from renamed Pz.Abt.V.SS-Geb.Korps on 22 Oct 43. Assigned toV.SS-Geb.Korps.

schwere Panzer-Abt.501

Formed from renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.101 in mid Sep 44 at Sennelager inGermany. Assigned to Pz.Korps on 5 Dec 44.

schwere Panzer-Abt.502

Formed from renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.102 in Sep 44 at Sennelager in Germany.Completed conversion to Tiger IIs in Mar 45. In mid March 45 beganmovement to the Eastern Front and was assigned to H.Gr.Mitte . Listed withV.SS-Geb.Korps in Apr 45.

schwere Panzer-Abt.503

Formed from renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.103 in Sep 44 at Sennelager in Germany.Completed conversion to Tiger IIs in Jan 45. On 27 Jan 45 began to moveto the Eastern Front for assignment with H.Gr.Weichsel. Listed withIII.SS-Pz.Korps in Apr 45.

Panzer-Abt. Prinz Eugen

Formed from an SS-Beute-Flammpanzer-Kp. on 1 May 42. Assigned to SS-Div.Prinz Eugen. Renamed SS-Pz.Abt.7 on 22 Oct 44


Stab was formed on 22 Apr 23 with three s.Pz.Kp. 3.Kp. was formed from therenamed 13 (s)./ss Pz.Rgt.1, 2.Kp. was formed from s.Pz.Kp./ss-Pz.Rgt.2and 1.Kp. was formed from 9 (s)./ss-Pz.Rgt.3, however all three Kp.remained with their regiments at the front under their original names. On1 Jun 43 the Abt. was renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.Gen.Kdo.II.SS-Pz.Korps.


Formed on 19 Jul 43 with three s.Kp. Ordered on 22 Oct 43 to be renameds.SS-Pz.Abt. 101.


Formed from renamed s.Pz.Abt.Gen.Kdo.SS-Pz.Korps on 1 Jun 43 and 3.Kp wasrenamed1.Kp./s.Pz.Abt.Gen.Kdo.I.SS-Pz.Korps. A new 3.Kp. was formed on 1 Jun 43.2.Kp. was assigned to 2.SS-Pz.Gren.Div. as s.Pz./ss-Pz.Rgt.2 from Jun toOct 43. 1.Kp. was assigned to 3.SS-Pz.Gren.Div. As 9(s).Kp./ss-Pz.Rgt.3from Jun to Oct 43. On 22 Oct 43 ordered to be renamed s.SS-Pz.Abt.102.


Formed in the summer on 1943 with French Beutepanzers. RenamedSS-Pz.Abt.105 on 22 Oct 43. On 29 Oct 43 began conversion to capturedItalian Tanks.


Formed on 13 Feb 45 by Armee-Abt.Ligurien (Army Detachment) with 14Pz.Kpfw.III 7.5cm L/24 left behind by 1./Pz.Abt.208

A Beute-Flammpanzer.Kp was formed in late 1941 or early 42 for SS-DivPrinz Eugen.It was used to from Pz.Abt. Prinz Eugen in 1 May 42.


Formed in late 1939/early 44 for SS-Rgt. LssAH (Pz.IV tanks).