Panzer-Division “Feldherrnhalle”


The Division “Feldherrnhalle” was formed in the South of France on the 20th of June, 1943 as a Panzergrenadier-Division. When the 60.Panzergrenadier-Division was destroyed at Stalingrad, the Germans started to rebuild it in Danzig. While forming, the 60.Panzergrenadier was renamed as the Panzergrenadier-Division”Feldherrnhalle”.

The division was sent to the front in January of 1944.

The div was destroyed in July 1944 in the region of Minsk.

From September 1944 until December 1944, it was rebuilt as a Panzer-Division and send back to the front in January 1945.

Renamed as the Panzer-Division “Feldherrnhalle 1”

The division was taken by the Russian’s in May 1945 at Deutsch-Brod.


Panzergrenadier-Regiment Feldherrnhalle
Füsilier-Regiment Feldherrnhalle
Artillerie-Regiment (mot) Feldherrnhalle
Panzer-Abteilung Feldherrnhalle
Panzer-Aufklarung-Abteilung Feldherrnhalle
Feldherrnhalle divisional support units

The Grenadier-Regiment “Feldherrnhalle” came from the 271.Grenadier-Regiment “Feldherrnhalle” of the 93.Infanterie.Division. The Füsilier-Regiment “Feldherrnhalle” came from the 120.Grenadier-Regiment (mot.) of the 60.Panzergrenadier-Division, the Panzer-Abteilung “Feldherrnhalle” came from the 160.Panzer-Abteilung, the Panzer-Aufklarung-Abteilung “Feldherrnhalle” came from 160.Panzer-Aufklarung-Abteilung, the Artillerie-Regiment “Feldherrnhalle” (mot!came from the 160.Artillerie-Regiment, and the Divison-Einheiten”Feldherrnhalle” came from the 160.Division-Einheiten. On the 17th of July,1943, the supporting Heer 282.Flak-Artillerie-Abteilung (mot.)was renamed as the Heer Flak-Artillerie-Abteilung “Feldherrnhalle”. In December of 1943, the Panzer-Regiment “Feldherrnhalle” was rebuilt. The already existing Panzer-Abteilung was used to rebuild the II.Bataillon of the Panzer-Regiment.


Generalleutnant Otto Kohlermann, 6.??.43-4.3.44
Generalmajor Friedrich-Carl von Steinkeller, 4.3.44-7.8.44
??, 7.8.44-9.1.44
Generalmajor Günther Pape, 9.1.44-5.8.45