Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge

Date Instituted:

June 4th, 1940

Awarded To:

Officers and men of the Kriegsmarine for service on Destoyers (see notesbelow).

Required Qualifications:

Prior to 10.40:

  • Participation in the Battle of Narvik

After 10.40:

  • Individual was wounded in action, or
  • Individuals ship was sunk in action, or
  • Participation in three enemy engagements, or
  • Participation in 12 non-enemy sorties, or
  • For outstanding performance or heroic deeds

First Awarded:

Currently unknown

Number Awarded:

Currently unknown


This badge was awarded exclusively in one version, the versionshown. A cloth version was also issued for wear on the dark blueuniform.

Method of Wear:

Worn on the lower part of the left brest pocket of the naval servicetunic, underneath the Iron Cross Ist Class ifawarded, or equivalent grade award.


Initially, the award of this medal was in recognition of the valarousservice of German Destroyers during the Norwegian Campaign, and specificallyin the Battle for Narvik. This medal was also awarded to officersand men of Kriegsmarine Torpedo Boats and Fast Attack Craft until theinstitution of the Fast Attack Craft War Badge in1941.

Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge
Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge