Leichtes Sturmboot 39

WW2 German Leichtes Sturmboot 39 PhotoThe Leichtes Sturmboot 39 was essentially a small, high-powered assault craftused for river and small waterway crossings and assaults. They were alsoemployed on security and anti-partisan patrols along river ways in occupiedterritories. LeichtesSturmboot were very fast, able to achieve about 30mph with the use of anoutboard motor extended from the rear of the craft. They were without muchprotection or firepower though, aside from the possibilityof an attached MG at the bow of the vessel and the weapons of the men inside.Leichtes Sturmboot 39 were transported into battle by most German construction and assaultengineer units and were used to spearhead river and small waterway assaults,usually in conjunction with an attempt to form a bridgehead for the constructionof a bridge. The craft could carry 6 men or about a half-ton of weight.

Hundreds of Leichtes Sturmboot 39 were built and used during WWII, and theydid not carry specific number or letter identification markings, makinga record of individual vessels nearly impossible to compile.