Light Cruiser Nurnberg

WW2 German Light Cruiser Nurnberg
Light Cruiser Nurnberg

1934: Laid down

06 Dec, 1934: Launched

02 Nov, 1935: Commissioned

01 Sep, 1939: Attached to Reconnaissance Forces, of Naval Group Command Eastwith Leipzig and Koln.

02 Sep, 1939: Reconnaissance Force transferred to North Sea.

03-20 Sep, 1939: Participated in laying of Westwall mine barrage in NorthSea with Leipzig, Koln, Konigsberg and Emden, 16xDD 10xTB & 3xML

12-13 Nov, 1939: Nurnberg and Konigsberg with 4xTB met 4xDD returning fromoffensive mining operation off the Thames and escorted them back toport.

17-18 Nov, 1939: Reconnaissance Force (Leipzig, Nurnberg and 2xTB meetdestroyer mining force near Terscheiling Bank in North Sea andescorted them back to port.

4-6 Dec, 1939: Nurnberg conducted a mining operation off Kristiansand.

13 Dec, 1939: Leipzig, Nurnberg and Koln sortied to meet destroyer miningforce in North. Before meeting takes place, RN SS Salmon attacks andhits Nurnberg in her bow as well as Leipzig midships at 1124 hours.Under repair until June 40.

13 Jun, 1940: Nurnberg arrived at Trondheim from Germany.

25-28 Jul, 1940: Nurnberg with 4xDD and 5xTB escorted Gneisenau fromTrondheim to Kiel.

23 Sep, 1941: Baltic Fleet (Tiripitz, Admiral Sheer, Koln, Nurnberg, 3xDDand 5xTB sailed from Swinemunde to Aaland Sea to block possibleattempt by Soviet units to escape

29 Sep, 1941: Units returned to Gotenhafen.

1941-1942: Operated as cadet training ship in Baltic. Six torpedo tubesremoved.

Nov, 1942: Returned to Norway.

29 Apr, 1943: Sailed from Harstad to Trondheim escorted by 1xDD and 2xTB

4 May, 1943: Moved from Trondheim to Kiel.

1944-1945: Again employed as cadet training ship in Baltic.

13/14 Jan, 1945: Laid defensive minefield Titus I in North Sea with ML, 2xDDand 2xTB. British air attacks were beaten off.

May, 1945: Surrendered in Copenhagen.

Jan, 1946: Handed over to Soviet Union and renamed Admiral Makarov

1954?: Scrapped.

Displacement, standard/full load (tons):6,520/8,380
Length, oa, wl:181.3/170m
Machinery: 3 shafts,geared turbines, 8 boilers, 60,000shp, 31 knots,4 diesels,
12,400bhp, 32 knots.
Max Armor, Belt/deck/turrets/CT:152/19/95/102 mm
Main Battery: 9x150mm/60C28 (5.9″)
Anti Air Battery: 8×88/45,8×37/83 C30, 8x20mm C30 (3.46″, 1.45″)
Torpedo: 12x533mm(4×3) (19.7″)
Aircraft: 2
Crew: 896