Kampfgeschwader 60


  • Maj. Dietrich Peltz, 1.8.42 – 10.42
  • Maj Brand, 10.42 – 11.42
  • ?

I./KG60 was formed 1.8.42 in Tours (Gruppenstab, 1. and 2. staffeln)with Ju 88A-4 bombers (IX. Fliegerkorps/Luftflotte3). The first commander was Maj. Dietrich Peltz. The 3rd staffel beganforming in 1.43.

On 8.11.42 1. and 2./KG60 moved to Elmas, to reinforce II.Fliegerkorps/Luftflotte 2, to combat theallied landing in French Northwest Africa. The unit was disbanded 8.2.43,and the remnants was absorbed by KG30, while the Stab was renamed Verbandsführerschule/KG101.

Some Ju 88A operated from Banak (Fl. Fü. Nord (Ost)) in October1942.