Junkers Ju87 Dive Bomb Technique

WW2 German Ju87 Dive Bomb Graph
Ju87 Dive Bomb Graph

  1. Ju87 enters dive, here at 15,000 feet.
  2. Ju87 reaches the maximum dive speed of 350 mph at a dive angle of 80%.
  3. About 30 seconds after start of the dive, the Ju87 reaches the pull-outaltitude, which was previously decided if the attack was planned. The pilot presses a button initiating the automatic pull-out system.
  4. A few seconds after pull out is initiated, the bomb automaticallyreleases from the plane.
  5. After the pull-out, the pilot attempts to regain control of the plane,retracts the dive brakes, opens the throttle, trims for levelflight and tries to get away as quick as possible to avoid beinghit by the explosion and debris of the bomb!