Heavy Cruiser Lützow

WW2 German Heavy Cruiser Lützow
Heavy Cruiser Lützow

02 Aug 37: Laid Down in Bremen as the Schwere Kreuzer L.

01 July 39: Launched and named the Schwere Kreuzer Lützow.

11 Feb 40: Sold unfinished to the UssR.

15 Apr 40: Towed to Leningrad and renamed the Petropavlovsk.

17 Sept 41: Sunk by German artillery while serving as a floatinganti-aircraft battery at the Leningrad coal harbor. Although heavily damaged,the ship came to rest at an even keel.

Apr 42: The ship was further damaged in a Luftwaffe attack, being hitby an aerial bomb.

17 Sept 42: Raised and towed to the Neva.

Fall 43: After extensive repairs, the ship was again renamed, this timeas the Tallin, and it again served as a floating Soviet battery.

1948-49: All further construction work was halted.

1950-1960: Renamed once more, this time 0as the Dnepr, and servedas a barrack hulk and a training platform.

1960: Broken up.

Never actually commissioned into the German Kriegsmarine.