Egänzungskampfgeschwader 1


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Formed 25.12.44 from the following units (under Luftflotte Reich):

Stab at ?

I. Gruppe at Wiener-Neustadt from IV./LG1, with Ju 88A bombers

II. Gruppe at Kolberg from Ergänzungskampfgruppe LT*, with Ju 88A/Ju188E bombers

III. Gruppe at Alt-Lönnewitz from IV./KG76, with Ar 234 bombersand some Me 262B-1a trainers

IV. Gruppe at München-Riem from IV./KG51 with Me 262B bombers

II./EKG1 moved to Beldringe/Odense in 2.45. IV./EKG1 also used Neuburgand Erding airfields, and gave up some aircraft to Jagdverband 44 on 30.3.45.

* LT = Lufttorpedo, ex IV./KG26.