Destroyer ZH1


1931: Laid down

9 May, 1940: Launched, commissioned

14 May, 1940: Dutch Isaac Sweers class destroyer Gerard Callenburgh scuttledat Rotterdam to prevent capture by Germans, following unsuccessfulattempts to tow her to England. Refloated by Germans and towed to Hamburg.

31 Oct, 1943: Departed German blight in company with Z27.

02 Nov, 1943: Arrived Rotterdam

03 Nov, 1943: Fired upon by British coastal batteries while sailing up theEnglish Channel. Arrived Dunkirk

04 Nov, 1943: In action against RN MTBs. Arrived La Harve.

05 Nov, 1943: Arrived at the Gironde, Bay of Biscay.

24 Dec, 1943: As part of 8th Destroyer Flotilla sortied with 4th TorpedoBoat Flotilla to meet blockade runner Osorno and escort her into port.(6xDD and 6xTB total)

25 Dec, 1943: Repelled RAF attacks in Bay of Biscay.

26 Dec, 1943: Returned to the Gironde with Osorno. (She flounders against awreak in the channel and has to be beached to save her cargo.)

27 Dec, 1943: Developed condenser problems and remained in port, missinganother sortie by the 8th DD FLOT and 4th TB FLOT to meet blockagerunner Alsteriufer.

9-11 Mar, 1944: In company with Z23 T27 and T29 escorted U-Boats passingthrough the Bay of Biscay

16-17 Mar, 1944: Escorted U-Boats in northern Bay of Biscay with samecompanions.

19-20 Mar, 1944: Escorted U-Boats in northern Bay of Biscay with samecompanions and also TBs Greif and Mowe

06 Jun, 1944: Departs the Gironde with the 8th DD FLOT (ZH1, Z32, Z24). TheBritish had fore-knowledge of this movement six hours before the Germansput out, thanks to ULTRA. Attacked by 31 Beaufighters and eightMosquitos at 2030 hours 30 miles west of the Isle de Normoutier, nearSaint Nazire. Minimal damanged suffered by Z32.

07 Jun, 1944: At Brest.

08 Jun, 1944: Departs Brest. Force augmented by T24. Mission was to makean offensive sweep against southbound convoys reinforcing the Normandybeachhead.

09 Jun, 1944: 0115 hours KMS force intercepted by British 10th DD FLOT (RNTartar, RN Ashanti, RCN Haida and RCN Huron.) ZH1, second ship in theGerman line fired two torpedoes without effect, then shortly after theBritish and Canadians opened fire at 0125, she was hit six times by 4.7″shells. Two hits in the boiler and starboard engine rooms respectivelydid particular damage. ZH1 drifted to a stop on fire and wreathed insmoke as the battle moved away from her temporarily. At 0215 she wasre-engaged by Tartar and Ashanti which encounted her, still drifting andstill on fire, in the course of fighting Z32. ZH1 fired her remaining4.7″ gun at Tarter and was torpedoed twice by Ashanti from point blankrange, blowing her bow off from the breakwater forward. She scuttledherself with depthcharges at 0240. She sank west of the Ile de Batzwhere 29 of her crew found refuge; 140 others were rescued by Britishships and 38 men were lost.
WW2 German Destory ZH1


Displacement, standard/full load (tons) 1,922/2,228
Length, oa, wl 107/105m
Beam/draught 10.6/3m
Machinery 2 shafts, Parsons turbines, 3 boilers 45,000shp, 37.5 knots, 4 diesels,
12,400bhp, 32 knots
Main Battery 5x120mm/60 C28 (4.7″) (2×2, 1×1)
Anti Air Battery 4x37mm/83 C30 (2×2), 4x20mm C38 (2×2)
Torpedo 8x533mm (4×3) (21″)
Crew 230