Destroyer Z2 Georg Thiele


Destroyer Z2 George Thiele, run aground 4.13.40 in Norway

Oct 25, 1934: Laid down at Deutscher Werke, Kiel

Aug 18, 1935: Launched.

Feb 27, 1937: Completed

Sep 1-16, 1939: Polish waters

Sep 17, 1939: To Wilhelmshaven with Z1.

Sep 17 – Dec 21, 1939: Wilhelmshaven.

Dec, 1939: Develops engine problems.

Jan 31 – Mar, 1940: Repairs/refit at Pillau(?)

Apr 2, 1940: Develops trouble with water pump while running post refittrials.

Apr 3-4, 1940: Additional repairs in Bremen.

Apr 6, 1940: Load 200 mountain troops and sails with Group 1 in invasionof Norway.

Apr 9, 1940: Lands troops in Narvik.

Apr 10, 1940: First battle of Narvik. Hit seven times. Z2 was laying in aside fjord with von Arnim. After the British destroyers shot up Narvikharbor inflicting serious damage on the five destroyers anchored there,they withdrew west up the fjord, pursued by Zenker, Koelner and Giese.Z2 and von Arnim appeared on the British flank. Z2 was the mosteffective KMS vessel in this action. She hit the RN flag, Hardy, from4,000 yards with her fourth salvo and repeatedly thereafter. She scoredhits on Hunter and may have also put a torpedo into her. Hunter andHardy were sunk in this action largely by Z2. She also damaged Hotspur,causing her to collide with Hunter.. Z2 was hit in the boiler, #1 gunwas destroyed and her fire control room was also put out of action

Apr 13, 1940: Z2 was semi-operational for the 2nd Battle of Narvik. Shewas capable of 27 knots, briefly, four of her main guns were availableunder local control and she carried six torpedoes. She was engaged inthe closing portion of the battle when the four surviving Germandestroyers withdrew up Rombakisfjord. She acted as the rearguard togive the other three ships the opportunity to land their crews beforescuttling. Eskimo and Forester hit her repeatedly with 4.7″ shells, butZ2 obtained some measure of revenge when she put her last torpedo intoEskimo and blew off her bow past the #1 gun mounting. She then ranherself hard aground. Her wreak was broken up in 1963.

WW2 German Destroyer Z2 Georg Thiele


Displacement, standard/full load: 2,232/3,156 tons
Length, oa, wl: 119.3/116.3m
Beam/draught: 11.3/4 m
Machinery: 2 shafts, geared turbines, 6 boilers 70,000shp, 38.2 knots
Main Battery: 5x127mm/45 C34 (5×1) (120rpg)
Anti Air Battery: 4x37mm/83 C30 (2×2), 4x20mm C38 (4×1) (2,000 rpg)
Torpedo/Mines: 8x533mm (4×3) 60 mines.
Fuel/Endurance: 670 ton – 1,530 nm @ 19 knots.