Heeresgruppe Don


  • 11.Armee
  • Heeresgruppe Don


  • Eastern Front 1943


Heeresgruppe Don was formed on Novermber 21st, 1942 from the 11.Armee under the able command of Gen.FM Erich von Manstein. After the Soviets fully encircled the 6.Armee in Stalingrad, Heeresgruppe Don was formed and given the directive to lead a relief operation codenamed Operation Wintertempest. It also was tasked taking over the southern portion of the front once controlled by Heeresgruppe B.

In the spring of 1943, after the Stalingrad relief operation had long since failed, and with German forces once more pushed back to Rostov, Heeresgruppe B was transferred to Northern Italy and Heeresgruppe Don became the third formation of Heeresgruppe Süd.

Major Units

1942 Dec Armeegruppe Hoth , 6.Armee, 3 Rumanian Army, Kampfgruppe Hollidt
1943 Jan Armeegruppe Hoth , 6.Armee, 3 Rumanian Army, Armee-Abteilung Hollidt
1943 Feb 1.Pz Army, 4.Pz Army, 6 Armee, 3 Rumanian Army, 4 Rumanian Army, Armee-Abteilung Hollidt