Heeresgruppe A (2)


  • Arbeitstab von Rundstedt
  • 12.Armee (1)
  • Heeresgruppe Süd (1)
  • Heeresgruppe A (1)
  • Abschnittstab Winter
  • Heeresgruppe Süd (2)
  • Heeresgruppe A (2)


  • Eastern Front 1942-1944


Heeresgruppe A (chronologically the second Heeresgruppe to be known by this name during WWII) was formed from the breakup of Heeresgruppe Süd in July of 1942. Heeresgruppe Süd was split into two seperate Heeresgruppen in preperation for the German summer offensive which was centered in the south of the Soviet Union. The goal of the German summer offensive was the capture of the dual objectives of Stalingrad (to the east of Rostov), and the deep Caucasus region (to the south of Rostov). Heeresgruppe B was the other unit formed when Heeresgruppe Süd was split into two. Heeresgruppe A was given the objective of capturing the Caucasus region whileHeeresgruppe B was tasked with the capture Stalingrad.

Major Units

1942 Aug 1.Pz.Armee, Armeegrupp Ruoff (17.Armee + 3rd Rumanian Army), 11.Armee
1942 Sep-Dec 1.Pz.Armee, Armeegrupp Ruoff (17.Armee + 3rd Rumanian Army), Commander-in-Chief Crimea
1943 Jan 1.Pz.Armee, 17.Armee, Commander-in-Chief Crimea
1943 Feb 17.Armee, Commander-in-Chief Crimea
1943 Mar-Sep 17.Armee, Commander-in-Chief Crimea, Commander-in-Chief Kertsch
1943 Oct-Dec 6.Armee, 17.Armee
1944 Jan-Feb 3rd Rumanian Army, 17.Armee, Commander-in-Chief German Troops in Transnistria
1944 Mar 6.Armee, 17.Armee, 3rd Rumanian Army


Gen.FM Wilhelm List 7.10.42 – 9.10.42
Commander-in-Chief Adolf Hitler (under his direct command) 9.10.42 – 11.21.42
Gen.FM Ewald von Kleist 11.21.42 – 6.43
Gen.d.Geb. Hubert Lanz 6.43 – 7.43
Gen.FM Ewald von Kleist 7.43 – 3.25.44
Gen.FM Ferdinand Schörner 3.25.44 – 3.31.44