9th Gebirgsjager Division

Division composed of:

  • This unit was actually two units, and both German units with refrence tobeing the 9th, were actually never labeled assuch. As well, no information is available on the composition of eitherunit being refered to as the 9th. This is most likely a result of the latestage the War was in when the move was made to create the 9th Division andthe chaos the must haveexisted in the Wehrmacht and Heer at the time. With time, maybe newinformation about these units will arise.

History and Campaigns:

  • As was stated, the 9th Gebirgsjager Division never really existed, althoughrefrence seems to have been made to two units as being the 9th GebirgsjagerDivision in late 1945.
  • What is known about the two units refered to as the 9th Division is asfollows. The first unit called the 9th was Division Nord and it wassupposedly formed from Divisonal Group Krautler that was serving in Norwayat the time. The second unit was called Division Ost, and it was formedfrom Battle Group Semmering fighting the Soviets on the crumbling EasternFront. In both cases, the change to the 9th Gebrigsjager Division wasn’t putinto motion until a few days before the end of WWII, and therefore, norecords really exist of the units per-say. All operational maps and otherrecords list the above units as Kampfgruppe Semmering or Divisional GroupKrautler or 140th Division z.b.V. and not as the 9th in either case.

Schematische Kriegsgliederung (A detailed officallisting of the divisions locations):

According to the German Red Cross search lists, two divisions were tobe formed in 3.45:

  • 9. Gebirgs-Division Nord from Divisionsgruppe Kräutler in Norway
  • 9. Gebirgs-Division Ost from Kampfgruppe Semmering