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  • 717.Infanterie-Division


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  • Balkans 1941-1943


The 717.Infanterie-Division was formed on the 11th of April, 1941 from units of the ReplacementArmy in Wehrkreis XVII. This unit, like its sister Division, the 718.Infanterie-Division was destined to serve in the Balkan region, mainly against the partisans and also as a trainingand occupation unit. This unit, like the others of the 700-designations, was populated with at leasthalf its ranks consisting of over-aged men with little experience. Many of the officers only hadexperience from WWI! The unit also consisted of two regiments instead of three as with mostInfanterie-Divisionen of the period, and it was lacking its share of motorized vehicles andheavy weapons.

After formation the 717.Infanterie-Division was transfered to Yugoslavia where it first saw servicein various security and anti-partisan operations. It fought in the Kozara Plains, and also took part inUnternehmen Weiß 1 and Unternehmen Weiß 2. It fought in the region south of Una in Bosnia, andlater took part in defensive operations to protect the Bauxite region around Mostar, Livno and Prozor.The 717.Infanterie-Division also took part in security operations in the line Gorica-Uzdol-Herl and inthe region of Triscani-Solakovakula.

In March of 1943 the 717.Infanterie-Division was transformed into the 117.Jäger-Division.


Infanterie-Regiment 737
Infanterie-Regiment 749
Artillerie-Abteilung 670
Pionier-Kompanie 717
Nachrichten-Kompanie 717

Knights Cross Holders

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War Service

5.41Forming in WK XVIIBdE
6.41XI2. ArmeeYugoslavia
7.41-3.42LXV12. ArmeeSerbien
4.42-1.43Befh. Serbien12. ArmeeSerbien
2.43Befh. Kroatien12. ArmeeKroatien
3.43Befh. KroatienEKroatien