Beobachtungs-Abteilung 6

Unit Emblems

Beobachtungs-Abteilung 6 Emblem  


  • West Wall 1939
  • Western Campaign 1940
  • Eastern Front 1941-1945


Beobachtungs-Abteilung 6 was created as a new formation on October 6th, 1936 from Beobachtungs-Abteilung 16.

Beobachtungs-Abteilungen, or Observation Artillery Battalions, were the ears and eyes of the German artillery branch. They served largely as sound and light ranging units but also as general range finding and long range tactical observation units for artillery spotting. These units even used medium sized ballons in the role of artillery observation.

After Decemeber of 1939, all of these units served as Heerestruppen. Most of these units were renamed as leicht Beobachtungs-Abteilung (mot.) at some point during the latter part of WWII. The arm of service color used by these units, like all other artillery units, was bright red.


General Organization
4.Ballon-Batterie (w/ Flak-Zug)

The 4.Ballon-Batterie was removed from the organization of most all Beobachtungs-Abteilungenafter 1942, during the conversion into leicht Beobachtungs-Abteilungen (mot.). Their Flak-Zug waslikewise removed.


Major Froben
Major Jacobs
Major Küpers
Major Kuhnert

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

Beobachtungs-Abteilung 6 was originally subordinated to the 6.Infanterie-Division until December of 1939 when all Beobachtungs-Abteilungen were designated as Heerestruppen.

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