Unit Emblems

  65.Infanterie-Division Emblem    65.Infanterie-Division Emblem    65.Infanterie-Division Emblem    65.Infanterie-Division Emblem    65.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


  • 65.Infanterie-Division


  • Western Front 1942-1943
  • Italy 1943-1945

Notable Points

  • Fought the Allies at Anzio-Nettuno Bridgehead


Taken by American and British forces in Italy 1945


The 65.Infanterie-Division was an army unit formed in June of 1942. It was stationed in the region of Antwerp on coastal security duty until the summer of 1943 when it was transfered to Italy. It fought the rest of the war in Italy, notably against the Allies in the Anzio-Nettuno bridgehead. The division was overcome by American forces in the last weeks of the war, and portions were also taken by the British.

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

8.42LXXXII15. ArmeeDAntwerpen
9.42-10.42Schelde15. ArmeeDAntwerpen
11.42-6.43LXXXIX15. ArmeeDVlissingen
7.43Reserve15. ArmeeDSt. Omer
8.43ReserveOb. SüdFerrara
9.43-10.43LIBLa Spezia
11.43LXXVI10. ArmeeOb. SüdAdria, Sangro
12.43LXXVI10. ArmeeCAdria, Sangro
2.44-5.44I. Fsch.14. ArmeeCNettuno
6.44Reserve14. ArmeeCLigurien Küste,
7.44LXXXVZangenCLingurien Küste
8.44-9.44XIV14. ArmeeCLivorno
10.44I. Fsch.14. ArmeeCPisa
11.44-2.45XIV10. ArmeeCBologna
3.45-4.45XIV14. ArmeeCFinale, Po