656th Panzerjäger-Regiment

The 656.Panzerjäger-Regiment was built on the 8th June, 1943 from theStab./Pz.Rgt.35 of the 4.Pz.Div., the Schwere 653.Panzerjäger-Abteilungas the I.Abt., the 654.Panzerjäger-Abteilung as II.Abt., and with theFStO (Friedenstandort) at Bamberg.

In the Summer of 1944, the Rgt-Stab./Pz.Jg.Rgt.656 had to form at theTr.Ub.Platz Mielau, the Panzer-Brigade 101. The Pz.Jg.Rgt.656 was put intoaction in central and southern Russia.

Schwere Panzerjager Abt.653 (Tiger):

  • Build on 31th March 1943 at Bruck/Leitha from WK XVII outof the Sturmgeschutz Abt.197.
  • The first Komp./ was destroyed in September 1944 in Italie with the 14.Armee.
  • The second Komp./ was renamed in 1945 to Pz.Jg.Kp.614.
  • The Abt. was last equiped with Tiger and Elefant.
  • Heeresgruppe Italien, in December 1944 in the Ardennen with 5.Pz.Armee, last with the 1.Armee in Saarpfalz.

Panzerjager Abt.654:

  • Formed on 1 April 1940, in 1942 with 7,5 cm cannons.
  • 8 June 1943 attachedto Pz.Jg.Rgt.656, and used as II./Pz.Jg.Rgt.656, but at 1 Septemeber it wasagain renamed as the Pz.Jg.Abt.654.

Schwere Panzerjager Abt.654 (Panther):

  • Rearmed in September 1944 in Grafenworh.
  • Heeresgruppe: Polen, Frankreich; Mittel- and Sudrusland (1942 2.Armee),Mai 1944 in Rethel, June/July Schlacht in der Normandie, November Oberrhein, December Ardennen,last Niederrhein with 15.Armee.

By David Notebaert.