Unit Emblems

61.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


The 61.Infanterie-Division was formed on August 8th, 1939 in Insterburg asa training division of Wehrkries I through Artillerie-Kommandeur 1.

The 61.Infanterie-Division fought in the Polish Campaign in 1939, launchingacross the German border from East Prussia on September 1st, 1939 under thecontrol of I.Armee-Korps, 3.Armee, Armeegruppe Nord. The Division crossed theGerman-Polish border very near Soldau, and headed south towards Mlawa, where itencountered heavy fighting against determined Polish defenders. From the1st to the 5th of September, the 61.Infanterie-Division was engaged in fightingnorth of Mlawa. After the Poles were finally thrown back, the 61st headedsouth-east towards the Narew River, which it forced its was across near Pultuskon the 7th-8th. On the 9th of September the Division was located between theNarew and Bug Rivers. Around the 11th, the Division fought its way across theBug River near Kamienczky, and headed south towards the region of Minsk Mazowieckiand Rembertow. Shortly there-after, begining around the 18th, the Division movedwest towards Warsaw where it took part in the siege of its Polish defenders. From the18th of September until the total capitulation of the Poles, the 61st remainedat Warsaw on defensive, security and mopping-up operations against the Poles.

In May of 1940, the Division participated in the battle for France. In was transferred to theEastern Front in the summer of 1941, under Heeresgruppe Nord.

In January of 1944, the 61.Infantrie-Division distinguished itself in battle during theGerman withdrawal from the Leningrad region. During the summer of 1944, the unit wastransferred to Heeresgruppe Mitte. In January of 1945, the division participated inthe defenses of East Prussia.

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

9.39I3. ArmeeNordNordpolen
12.39XVI6. ArmeeBKöln
1.40IV6. ArmeeBKöln
5.40Reserve6. ArmeeBBelgien
7.40-8.40XI4. ArmeeBBretagne
9.40-10.40XI6. ArmeeCBretagne
11.40XI6. ArmeeDBretagne
12.40-1.41XXV6. ArmeeDBretagne
2.41Reserve18. ArmeeBOstpreußen
3.41I18. ArmeeBOstpreußen
4.41XXVI18. ArmeeBOstpreußen
5.41XXVI18. ArmeeCOstpreußen
6.41-7.41XXVI18. ArmeeNordMemel, Riga
8.41-10.41XXXXII18. ArmeeNordReval, Baltic Inseln
11.41Reserve18. ArmeeNordReval, Baltic Inseln
12.41XXXIX16. ArmeeNordTichwin
1.42XXXIX16. ArmeeNordWolchow
2.42-10.42I18. ArmeeNordWolchow
11.42-1.43XXVIII18. ArmeeNordWolchow
2.43XII18. ArmeeNordWolchow
3.43-8.43XXVIII18. ArmeeNordWolchow
9.43-12.43XXVI18. ArmeeNordLeningrad
1.44XXVI18. ArmeeNordOranienbaum
2.44LIV18. ArmeeNordKingisepp
7.44II16. ArmeeNordDünaburg
8.44-9.44XXVIII18. ArmeeNordWalk
10.44XXXIX18. ArmeeNordKurland