• 5.Fallschirm-Jäger-Division


  • Western Front 1944-1945


Formed 3.02.44 in Reims (ordered 11.05.43). The division was formed fromthe Fallschirm-Jäger-Lehr-Bataillon, III./FJR.3 and III./FJR.4, anda large number of new recuits.

In May 1944 the division moved to Rennes (6.06.44 HQ at Rennes, reserveunder AOK.7). The division was not ready for combat onD-Day, and only FJR.15 was transferred to the frontline. As the regiment only had its II. Battalion ready, a new I./FJR.15 was formedfrom I./FJR.13 (ex. III./FJR.3) and a new III./FJR.15 from I./FJR.14 (ex. III./FJR.4). The FJR.15 operated together with the 17.SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division. Most of the division was severly decimated in the fighting in Normandy during July 1944. The remnantsfought on during August 1944. The Division received new recruits in September 1944 and was partly reformed from parts ofFlieger-Regimenter 22, 51 and 53. Fallschirm-Granatwerfer-Bataillon 5 and Stab, I./FAR.5 was transferred to the7.Fallschirm-Jäer-Division.

In October 1944 the division was rebuilt in the Den Haag-Amsterdam area (ordered 9.24.44 to 11.01.44). A newFallschirm-Granatwerfer-Bataillon 5 was added in November 1944, together with a new FAR.5. Luftwaffen-Festungs-Bataillon XXVwas absorbed on 2.20.45, and the division was ordered to refit 3.15.45 by OB. West.

Most of the division surrendered at Nürnburgring in 3.45, while the rest surrendered in the Ruhr-pocket and at Harz.


General Composition
Fallschirm-Jäger-Regiment 13
Fallschirm-Jäger-Regiment 14
Fallschirm-Jäger-Regiment 15
Fallschirm-Panzer-Jäger-Abteilung 5
Fallschirm-Artillerie-Regiment 5
Fallschirm-Flak-Abteilung 5
Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon 5
Fallschirm-Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 5
Fallschirm-Sanitäts-Bataillon 5

Added later were the following units:

Fallschirm-Granatwerfer-Bataillon 5
Fallschirm-Feldersatz-Bataillon 5


GenLt. Gustav Wilke 4.01.44 – 10.15.44
GenMaj. Sebastian Ludwig Heilmann 10.15.44 – 3.12.45
Oberst Kurt Gröschke 3.12.45 – 4.45

War Service

DateHigher HQLocation
4.44Heeresgruppe Dforming in Reims
5.44II.FsAK / AOK.7forming in Reims
6.44reserve /AOK.7Bretagne
7.44LXXXXIV.AK /AOK.7St. Malo, Avranches, Mortain
8.44II. FsAK / AOK.7Argentan, Alencon
9.44LXXX.AK /AOK.1Trier
10.44 – 12.44OKWForming in Den Haag
1.45LIII.AK / AOK.7Battle of the Bulge (Bitburg,Donkholz,
2.45 – 3.45LXVI.AK / Pz.AOK.5Eifel, Prüm