Unit Emblems

4.Armee-Oberkommando Emblem  


  • Poland 1939
  • Western Campaign 1940
  • Eastern Front 1941-1945


The 4.Armee was established on 1 August 1939. It was involved in the invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 till 1 October 1939. The command was then moved to the Western front where it participated in the invasion of France on 10 May 1940. The command remained in France until 12 December 1940. From there they were moved to occupation forces in the General Government area in the east. On 22 June 1941 the command participated in the invasion of Russia and continued to fight on the Eastern front until 7 April 1945 when they were disbanded and used to form the 21.Armee.


Korück 580
Armee-Nachschubführer 581
Armee-Nachrichten-Regiment 589


Korück 559
Armee-Nachschubführer 571
Armee-Nachrichten-Regiment 589
Höherer Arko 302


Günther von Kluge 8.1.1939
Ludwig Kübler 12.26.1941
Gotthard Heinrici 1.20.1942
Friedrich Hoßbach 7.18.1944
Friedrich-Wilhelm Müller 1.30.1945

Calendar of Battles and Engagements

Polish Campaign Calendar of Battles and Engagements
1.Battleover West Prussia.9.1.19399.5.19395
a.Fightingto Brahe.9.1.19399.2.19392
b.Battle inthe Tucheler Heide.9.2.19399.5.19394
2.Pursuiton Both Sides of the Weichsel River to Warsaw.9.5.19399.12.19398
3.Pursuitin Eastern Poland9.11.19399.21.193911
4.Fightingfor Bialystok and Eastward.9.15.19399.18.19394
5.Fightingfor the Polish Coastal Fortifications.9.1.193910.1.193931
a.Fightingfor the Westernplatte.9.1.19399.7.19397
b.Captureof Gdingen and the Oxhöfter Kämpe.9.8.19399.19.193912
c.Captureof Hela.9.8.193910.1.193924
Western Campaign Calendar of Battles and Engagements
1.Securityon the Westwall in the Area of Aachen.10.16.19395.9.1940207
2.Breakthroughof the Southern Belgium Fortifications in the Ardennes.5.10.19405.12.19403
3.Enforcementof the Maas Corridor.5.13.19405.15.19403
4.Captureof the Forts at Lüttich.5.13.19405.17.19405
5.BreakthroughSouthern Belgium and the French Border Fortifications.5.15.19405.18.19404
6.Captureof the Forts of Namur.5.20.19405.24.19405
7.BreakThrough to the Sea, security of the Northern Flank and Formation of aDefensive Front on the Somme.5.17.19405.23.19407
a.Encirclementof Fortress Maubeuge.5.18.19405.22.19405
b.Fightsfor Mormalwald.5.17.19405.22.19406
c.Fightsfor Cambrai.5.19.19405.22.19404
d.Encirclementof Abbéville.5.20.19405.20.19401
8.Fightsfor Arras.5.20.19405.24.19405
9.Containment of the Enemy Forces inFlanders and Extension of the Breakthrough.5.24.19405.26.19403
10.Fightingin Scarpe, Sensée and Schelde.5.23.19405.26.19404
11.Conquestof Boulogne and Calais and Fighting Between Arras and St. Omer.5.23.19405.26.19404
12.DefensiveFighting in the Somme.5.24.19406.4.194012
13.Encirclementof Calais5.26.19405.26.19401
14.Fightingby La Bassée and Lille.5.24.19406.1.19409
15.Fightingin Hazebrouck, Cassel, Bailleul and Poperinghe.5.27.19406.4.19409
16.Battleover Dünkirchen.5.27.19406.4.19409
17.BreakthroughBattle at the Somme and Pursuit From the Somme.6.5.19406.10.19406
18.DestructionBattles by Dieppe and St. Valéry and Occupation of Le Havre.6.13.19406.13.19401
19.Battleson the Seine and Pursuit Fighting to the Loire.6.9.19406.19.194011
20.Raids inNormandy and Capture of Cherbourg.6.14.19406.19.19406
21.Raids inthe Bretagne and Encirclement of Brest.6.17.19406.22.19406
22.Fightingin the Loire and Pursuit to the Coast.6.19.19406.23.19405
23.Occupationof Northwest France.6.26.19409.12.194079
Eastern Campaign Calendar of Battles and Engagements
1.DoubleBattle near Bialystock and Minsk.6.22.19417.10.194119
a]Breakthroughof the Frontier Positions.6.22.19416.24.19413
b]Battle ofBialystock-Slonim.6.24.19417.11.194118
c]DriveAganist Svisloch and Over the Berezina.6.25.19417.8.194114
d]BattlesWest of Minsk.7.3.19417.7.19415
2.Battle tothe Dnieper and the Duna.7.4.19417.7.19414
3.BattleNear Smolensk.7.8.19417.31.194124
4.BattleNear Roslavl.8.1.19418.9.19419
5.DefensiveBattle at Jelnya and Smolensk.8.10.194110.1.194153
6.DoubleBattle Near Vyazma and Bryansk.10.2.194110.13.194112
7.AdvanceToward Moscow.10.14.194112.3.194151
8.DefensiveBattle Before Moscow.12.4.19414.18.1942135
9.PositionFighting in the Zone of Heeresgruppe Mitte.4.19.19427.4.1943442
a]Destructionof the Enemy Group Belov in the Rear Area.5.24.19426.22.194230
b]DefensiveFighting North of Chisdra.6.21.19427.19.194229
c]Attackand Defensive Battles in the Area South of Belev-Koselsk-Szuchinitschi.8.11.19429.12.194233
d]Retreatto the Spas Demensk-Dorogobush-East of Velish Line.3.1.19433.31.194331
10.DefensiveBattles in the East in 1943.7.5.194312.15.1943164
a]PositionFighting West of Vyasma.7.5.19438.6.194333
b]DefensiveBattle in the Area of Kirov-Dorogobush.8.6.19438.31.194326
c]DefensiveBattle near Jelnya and Smolensk.8.28.194310.10.194314
d]DefensiveBattle Near Gorki.10.12.194310.17.19436
e]1 through4 Defensive Battles West of Smolensk.10.16.194312.4.194350
11.DefensiveFighting in White Russia.12.16.19434.19.1944126
a]DefensiveFighting Southeast of Vitebsk.2.22.19443.28.194436
b]FifthDefensive Battle West of Smolensk.3.5.19443.10.19446
c]DefensiveBattle South of Chaussy.3.25.19443.31.19447
12.PositionFighting in the Zone of Heeresgruppe Mitte.4.20.19446.21.194463
13.Defensiveand Withdrawal Battles from the Russian Summer Offensive.6.22.19447.12.194421
14.FightingBetween Njemen and the East Prussian Frontier.7.13.19448.10.194429
15.PositionFighting on the East Prussian Frontier.8.10.194410.15.194467
16.Battle inEast Prussia for Schloßberg, Gumbinnen and Goldap.10.16.194411.2.194418
17.DefensiveFighting in East Prussia.11.2.19441.21.194581
18.WithdrawalFighting in East Prussia.1.22.19452.8.194518
a]Attack onElbing to the West.1.26.19452.2.19458
19.Fightingin the Heiligenbeil Kessel, for Königsberg and in Samland.2.9.19454.7.194558

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