Unit Emblems

462.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


  • Division Nanzig
  • Division Nr. 162
  • 462.Infanterie-Division


  • Western Front 1944


This unit was formed on September 19th, 1944 in Nancy in occupied France from Division Nr. 462, a replacement unit of the Wehrmacht. Upon formationthe 462.Infanterie-Division served in the West in the region north of Metz during September andOcotber of 1944. It took part in defensive fighting at Briey, Homecourt and St. Privat. Thereafter,it fougt a fighting withdrawl in the region west of Metz.

During the fighting withdrawl in the regionof Metz in November 1944, the 462.Infanterie-Division was reformed as the 462.Volksgrenadier-Division.


Order of Battle