Unit Emblems

42.Jäger-Division Emblem  


The 42.Jäger-Division was formed in Croatia on 12.22.43 from the 187.Ersatz-Division. The 187th was stationed in Croatia at the time, and was to be formed into the 187.Jäger-Division, but was instead transfered into the newly forming 42.Jäger-Division.

The 42.Jäger-Division took part in Operation “Margarethe” in Hungary in 1944, and later saw action fighting partisans in the Papuk Mountains. Soon after, the Division was moved to Italy where took part in security operations along the Italian Coast near the French Boarder, and later in fighting in Northern Italy where it was finally taken by the British in April of 1945.

The 42nd Operated in Croatia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and finally in Italy.


General Composition
Jäger-Regiment 24
Jäger-Regiment 40
Artillerie-Regiment 142
Panzer-Jäger-Abteilung 142
Aufklarüng-Abteilung 142
Pioner-Bataillone 142
Nachrichten-Abteilung 142
4th Divsional Support Units

Knights Cross Holders

No KC holders for this unit

War Service

3.44-4.44Befh. Syrmien2. Pz. ArmeeBosnien
9.44-10.44XIV14. ArmeeCLa Spezia
11.44-1.45XIV10. ArmeeCBologna
2.45-4.45LXXVI10. ArmeeCRavenna, Ferrara