• 416.Infanterie-Division


  • Denmark 1942-1944
  • Western Front 1944-1945


The 416.Infanterie-Division was formed on December 20th, 1941 specifically for use as an occupationunit in Denmark. From 1942 until the time it was transfered to the Western Front it in 1944 the Divisionserved as a Danish occupation unit, taking part in the construction of coastal fortifications anddefenses all along the Danish coast in places like Silkeborg, Kolding, Viborg, Varde, Esbjerg, Aalborg,Thisted, Hurup, Holstebro, Frederikshavn, and Vem. The Division also took part in extensive coastalsecurity duties while stationed in this region, although no action against the Allies ever tookplace on the ground in Denmark. Training also occupied the Division while it was stationed here.

On October 4th, 1944, the 416.Infanterie-Division was transfered to the Western Front to Metz inthe Mosel-Saar region where it fought the Western Allies. On March 3rd, 1945 the Division madea fighting withdrawl in the region of Reimsbach, Schmelz and Tholey-Sotzweiler south of St. Wendel.Later it moved through the region north of Kaiserlautern. During this fighting withdrawl to the RhineRiver the Division was exhausted and nearly destroyed. The remains of the Division were formed into”Kampfgruppe 416.Infanterie-Division” which was overcome and finally taken by the Americans nearTraunstein in the closing days of WWII.


Order of Battle
Grenadier-Regiment 712
Grenadier-Regiment 713
Grenadier-Regiment 774
Artillerie-Regiment 416
Divisions-Füsilier-Kompanie 416
Panzerjäger-Abteilung 416
Pionier-Bataillon 416
Nachrichten-Abteiliung 416
Sanitäts-Abteilung 416
Feldersatz-Bataillon 416

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

1.42-12.43Kdr. der d. Truppen in DänemarkAalborg
1.44-9.44Wehrm.Befh. DänemarkAalborg
10.44-3.45LXXXII1. ArmeeGSaarpfalz
4.45LXXXII7. ArmeeGHunsrück, Rhein