3rd Hochgebirgs-Jäger Battalion

The Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillone of the Wehrmacht were highly trainedunits of mountain troops trained for combat in the highest peaks and mountainranges, Hoch- meaning high, therefore Hochgebirgs-Jäger were high mountaintroops.

The 3.Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillone was formed on 11.20.43 from men of the98.Gebirgs-Regiment located at the time in Dalmatia. The 3.Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillonserved mainly in Italy. While serving in Italy, the 3.Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillontook part in the Battle of Monte Cassino. TheAbteilung was later disbanded and in December of 1944 it became theIII./296.Gebirgs-Regiment.