3rd Gebirgsjager Division

Formed: April 1st, 1939
Mobilized: August 26th, 1939
Wehrkries: XVIII
Home Station: Graz
Division composed of:

    1,2,3 Abteilung, 138th Gebirgsjager Regiment
    1,2,3 Abteilung, 139th Gebirgsjager Regiment
    1,2,3 Abteilung, 112th Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment
    12th Reconnaissance Abteilung
    48th Panzerabwehr Abteilung
    83rd Gebirgs Pioneer Abteilung
    68th Signals Abteilung
    68th Divisional support units

    The 12th Reconnaissance Abteilung was renamed the 112th, and was transferedto the 6th Gebirgsjager Division along with the 3 Abteilung, 112th GebrigsArtillerie Regiment. Portions of the 139th Gebirgsjager Regiment were usedto form the 141st Gebirgsjager Regiment for the 6th Gebirgsjager Division.The 68th Bicycle Abteilung was added while the Unit was fighting in Norway.Later, the 139th Gebirgsjager Regiment was formed into an independant brigadethat operated as Army troops and the 1,2,3 Abteilung, 144th GebirgsjagerRegiment was formed and added to the Division. The 68th Bicycle Abteilungand 48th Panzerabwehr Abteilung were traded with the 95th Bicycle Abteilungand 95th Panerabwehr Abteilung of the 5th Gebirgsjager Division, but bothnever actually became part of the 5th Gebirgsjager Division, as they stayedin the Finland and soon became Army Troops. The 4heavy Abteilung, 112th Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment was formed and added inthe middle of the war.

History and Campaigns:

    When Austria was added to the Reich, many Austrian Mountain units were addedto the German Heer. The 2nd Gebirgsjager Division was formed this way, beingformed from the 5th and 7th Austrian Divisions.

    In 1939, the 3rd Division took part in the Invasion of Poland along with the1st and 2nd Gebirgsjager Divisions, but it was pulled out of Polandbefore the Campaign was concluded and was posted to the Western Front toguard against suspected Allied incurisions along the Westwall.

    With the invasion of Norway, the 3rd supplied portions of itsDivision, including parts of its 139th Gebirgsjager Regiment, for theassualt on the Northern coast of Norway. The 139th Regiment was heavilyengaged in operation holding Narvik from the Allies until it was nearlydestroyed, only to be saved by the collapse of the Allies in Norway and theSurrender of the Norwegian Government, just days before elements of the 2ndGebirgsjager Division managed to reach them and link up.

    After operations in Northen Norway, the Division was posted to Finland,pulled back to Germany for rest and regrouping, and then posted back toFinland in the area around Lenningrad. Soon after, the Division was movedto Army Group Center along the Eastern Front. In 1944, the Division was inthe Southern Ukraine where it fought, and then in Hungary. Late in the War,the Division was pushed into Slovakia and then into Southern Silesia, and itsurrendered to the Soviets in May, 1945.

Schematische Kriegsgliederung (A detailed officallisting of the divisions locations):

DateCorpsArmyArmy GroupArea
9.39XVIII14. ArmeeSüdSlovakia, Poland
10.39 – 11.39reserve6. ArmeeBEifel
12.39 – 1.40reserve16. ArmeeAHunsrück
4.40 – 8.40XXINorway (Narvik)
9.40 – 12.40Gebirgskorps Norwegen (XXI)Norway
1.41 – 11.41Gebirgskorps NorwegenArmee NorwegenNorway, Finland (Murmansk)
12.41reserveArmee NorwegenFinland
1.42 – 4.42BdE (Wehrkreis XVIII)Truppenübungsplatz Grafenwöhr
5.42 – 8.42reserveNorway
9.42reserveNordReval, Leningrad
10.42reserve11. ArmeeNordLeningrad
11.42II. Luftwaffen-Feld-KorpsLIXMitteVelikiye-Luki
1.43 – 2.43reserveFretter-PicoBDonez
3.43XXX1. Pz. ArmeeSüdVoroschilovgrad
4.43 – 5.43Mieth6. ArmeeSüdDonez/Mius
6.43 – 9.43IV6. ArmeeSüdDonez/Mius
10.43IV6. ArmeeAMelitopol, Zaporoshye
11.43 – 12.43IV1. Pz. ArmeeSüdMelitopol, Zaporoshye
1.44 – 2.44IV6. ArmeeSüdMelitopol, Zaporoshye
3.44XXIX6. ArmeeANikopol
4.44 – 5.44XXX6. ArmeeSüdukraineKishinev
6.44 – 9.44XVII8. ArmeeSüdukraineEast Carpathia
10.44IX. ungarische Korps8. ArmeeSüdHungary
11.44 – 12.44XXIX8. ArmeeSüdSlovakia
1.45XVII1. Pz. ArmeeASlovakia
2.45 – 5.45XXXXIX1. Pz. ArmeeMitteOberschlesien

* GJR. 138 remained in Heeresgruppe Mitte until 3.43.

Fate: Surrendered to the Soviets in May, 1945