Unit Emblems

333.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


  • Western Front 1941-1943
  • Eastern Front 1943

Notable Points

  • Portions helped contain and battle the British comando raid against St. Nazaire in March 1942.

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

5.40-5.41Forming in WK III
6.41-3.42XXXI7. ArmeeDBretagne
4.42-1.43XXV7. ArmeeDBretagne
2.43in TransitDBretagne
3.43III1. Pz. ArmeeSüdDonez, Isjum
4.43-6.43XXX1. Pz. ArmeeSüdDonez, Isjum
7.43XXXX1. Pz. ArmeeSüdDonez, Isjum
8.43-9.43XXX1. Pz. ArmeeSüdDonez, Isjum
10.43XVII1. Pz. ArmeeSüdSaporoshje
11.43-12.43 (Kgr.)XVII1. Pz. ArmeeSüdSaporoshje