Unit Emblems

330.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


  • 17th mobilization wave (Walküre unit), December 1941


The 330.Infanterie-Division was formed in in December of 1941 from units of the replacement army that already existed in Germany proper. The formation of the division was in repsonse to the dire need of emergency units that could be formed quickly and sent to the Eastern Front as soon as possible. The 330.Infantie-Division was formed in 14 days, as compared to 2-3 months for most normally formed Infanterie-Divisonen.

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

12.41Forming in WK III
1.42in Transit
2.42-4.42LIX3. Pz. ArmeeMitteDemidow
11.42XXXXI9. ArmeeMitteWelish
12.42-3.43VI9. ArmeeMitteWelish
4.43-8.43VI3. Pz. ArmeeMitteWelish
9.43IX4. ArmeeMitteOrscha (Gorki)
10.423 (Kgr.)IX4. ArmeeMitteOrscha (Gorki)