WW2 German 31st SS Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division EmblemFormed on October 1st, 1944 in Fünfkirchen (Hungary) from parts of the23.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Kama (kroat. Nr. 2). In November of 1944,saw action there, and would later complete its formation at Marburg/Drau(to be completed on March 1st, 1945). The Polizei-Regiment Brixen was laterabsorbed. On January 18th, 1945, the formation was ordered converted to atype 1945 Division. Surrendered in Königgrätz.


Brigadeführer Gustav Lombard, 10.01.44 – 4.??.45
Brigadeführer Wilhelm Trabandt, 4.??.45 – 5.08.45

War Service

DateCorpsArmyArmy GroupArea
10.44formingWehrmachtsbefehlshaber UngarnFünfkirchen
11.44IV. ungarische Korps2. ungarische ArmeeSüdHungary
12.44LXVIII2. Pz. ArmeeFHungary
2.45 – 3.45reserveMitteSchlesien
4.45 – 5.45XVII17. ArmeeMitteSchlesien