The 31.Grenadier-Division was formed in August, 1944 from the remains of the 31.Infanterie-Division and the 550.Grenadier-Division.

Shortly after formation, while still fighting in the northern sector of the Eastern Front in October, 1944 the 31.Grenadier-Division was renamed as the 31.Volksgrenadier-Division.


General Composition
Grenadier-Regiment 12
Grenadier-Regiment 17
Grenadier-Regiment 82
Artillerie-Regiment 31
Artillerie-Regiment I./42
Pionier-Batallion 31
Narchrichten-Abteilung 31
Fusilier-Kompanie 31
Flak-Kompanie 31
Strumgeschutz-Abteilung 1031
31st divisional support units

Knights Cross Holders

No KC holders for this unit

War Service

8.44-9.44XXVIII18. ArmeeNordLettland (Walk)