Unit Emblems

  297.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


Formed January 31st, 1940, in the Bruck an der Leitha area.

Destroyed in Stalingrad in January, 1943.

Ordered reformed February 17th, 1943, to be completed September 1st, 1943,later changed to July 1st, 1943.

Formed as Kampfgruppe March 7th, 1943 at Bordeaxu, April 7th, 1943, asa Division. Formation was comleted in Serbia.

Surrendered to Yugoslavian forces in the Cilli/Radkersburg(Untersteiermark) area.

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

7.40-8.40XVII18. ArmeePoland
9.40-12.40XVII12. ArmeeBPoland
1.41-4.41XVII17. ArmeeBPoland
5.41III6. ArmeeAPoland
6.41LV6. ArmeeSüdCholm
7.41XXXXIV6. ArmeeSüdShitomir
8.41XXXXIV1. Pz. ArmeeSüdUman
9.41XXXXIV17. ArmeeSüdKiew
10.41LV17. ArmeeSüdPoltawa
11.41XI6. ArmeeSüdCharkow
12.41LV6. ArmeeSüdCharkow
1.42-7.42LI6. ArmeeSüdCharkow
8.42XXIV6. ArmeeBDonbogen
9.42-11.42IV4. Pz. ArmeeBStalingrad
12.42-1.43IV6. ArmeeDonStalingrad
2.43 (Remnants)IV6. ArmeeDonStalingrad
4.43-6.43Reforming1. ArmeeDBordeaux
7.43-8.43ReformingMil. Befh. SerbienESerbien, Banat
9.43-9.44XXI2. Pz. ArmeeFAlbanien, Tirana
10.44-12.44XXIHgr. “E”FSerajewo
1.45-3.45LXXXXIHgr. “E”FKroatien, Brod
4.45LXVIII2. Pz. ArmeeSüdAgram
5.45XXII2. Pz. ArmeeSüdostCilli