Unit Emblems

23.Infanterie-Division Emblem  


  • 23.Infanterie-Division


  • Part of standing Army in 1939, 1st mobilization wave


  • Poland 1939
  • Westen Campaing 1940
  • Eastern Front 1941-1942

Notable Points

  • The 23.Infanterie-Division was one of six Heer divisions that were directly linked to specific German officers by giving them an honorary regimental title known as “Chef”. This honorary title was unrelated to actual unit command. In this case the honor was given to Generaloberst z.V. Hans von Seekt when he was linked to Infanterie-Regiment 67 on April 22nd, 1936. Seekt was the first officer to have this title bestowed upon him.


In June of 1942 the 23.Infanterie-Division was absorbed by the 26.Panzer-Division.


The 23.Infanterie-Division was formed on October 15th, 1935 in Potsdam.

In June of 1942 the 23.Infanterie-Division was transfered to France in the region of Amiens whereit was absorbed by the 26.Panzer-Division.


General OoB
Infanterie-Regiment 9
Infanterie-Regiment 67
Infanterie-Regiment 68
Artillerie-Regiment 23
I./Artillerie-Regiment 59
Aufklärungs-Abteilung 23
Panzerjäger-Abteilung 23
Pionier-Bataillon 23
Nachrichten-Abteiliung 23
Sanitäts-Abteilung 23
Feldersatz-Bataillon 23

Knights Cross Holders

War Service

9.39Reserve4. ArmeeNordPommern, Polen
10.39III6. ArmeeBNiederrhein
12.39III12. ArmeeAEifel
1.40-6.40III12. ArmeeAEifel, Luxemburg
7.40XXV12. ArmeeCFrankreich, Langres
8.40XVIII12. ArmeeCFrankreich
9.40-3.41XII4. ArmeeBOstpreußen
4.41-5.41XXXV4. ArmeeBOstpreußen
6.41-7.41VII4. ArmeeMitteBialystok, Minsk
8.41VII2. Pz. GruppeMitteBrest, Smolensk
9.41-10.41VII4. ArmeeMitteWjasma
12.41XXXXI4. Pz. GruppeMitteMoskau
1.42V4. Pz. ArmeeMitteMoshaisk
2.42IX4. Pz. ArmeeMitteGshatsk
3.42-4.42V4. Pz. ArmeeMitteGshatsk
5.42-6.42XXXXVI3. Pz. ArmeeMitteGshatsk
8.42-9.42LXXXII15. ArmeeDNordfrankreich
10.42Original Division reformed as 23.Pz.Div
11.42-1.43Forming anewBefh. d. dt. TruppenDänemark
2.43Reserve18. ArmeeNordLeningrad
3.43-4.43XXXVIII18. ArmeeNordLeningrad
5.43L18. ArmeeNordLeningrad
6.43Reserve18. ArmeeNordLeningrad
7.43XXVI18. ArmeeNordLeningrad
8.43Reserve18. ArmeeNordLeningrad
9.43XXXVIII16. ArmeeNordNewel
10.43-11.43XXXVIII18. ArmeeNordNewel
12.43-1.44I16. ArmeeNordNewel
2.44-3.44XXXXIII16. ArmeeNordSebesh, Opotschka
4.44L16. ArmeeNordSebesh, Opotschka
5.44-6.44II16. ArmeeNordSebesh, Opotschka
7.44Reserve16. ArmeeNordSebesh, Opotschka
8.44 (Kgr.)VI. SS18. ArmeeNordLivland
9.44Reserve18. ArmeeNordLivland
10.44XXXXIII16. ArmeeNordBaltic Inseln
11.44 (Kgr.)XXXXIII16. ArmeeNordBaltic Inseln
12.44 (Remnants)XXXXIII16. ArmeeNordBaltic Inseln
1.45Reforming in WK IBdELötzen
2.45-3.45XXIII2. ArmeeWeichselWestpreußen