188th Reserve Gebirgsjager Division

Formed: August 10th, 1943
Mobilized: (?)
Wehrkries: XVIII
Home Station: Innsbruck
Division composed of:

  • 1,2 Abteilung, 136th Reserve Gebirgsjager Regiment “Schlanders”
  • 1,2 Abteilung, 137th Reserve Gebirgsjager Regiment “Belluno”
  • 1,2 Abteilung, 138th Reserve Gebirgsjager Regiment “Tolmezzo”
  • 1,2 Abteilung, 139th Reserve Gebrigsjager Regiment “Postumia”
  • 499th Reserve Grenadier Regiment “Udine”
  • 112th Reserve Artillerie Regiment “Belluno”
  • 1,2 Gebirgs Reserve Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung
  • 83rd Reserve Pioneer Abteilung
  • 1088th Administrative and support units

History and Campaigns:

From my research, I believe that this unit was created from the 188thInfantry Division in 1943 becoming the 188th Reserve Gebirgsjager Division,and soon after, in 1944, this unit was again renamed becoming a fullGebirgsjager Division, the 188th Gebirgsjager Division. For the shortperiod that this unit was the 188th Reserve Gebirgsjager Division, it servedalong the Adriatic Coast and in the North of Italy. It was in the Adriaticregion when it became the 188th Gebirgsjager Division in 1944.

Fate: Surrendered as the 188th Gebrigsjager Division to the Yugoslavs.